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Why Bamboo Straws?

We started Yourstraw to replace toxic plastic straws with reusable, biodegradable bamboo ones.  We were prepping fish for dinner one evening and discovered a plastic straw, plastic spoon and chip packets in the fish’s stomach.  Needless to say, that ruined our appetite!  But it also got us thinking about society’ self-defeating love affair with plastic.  Bamboo is a safe, natural alternative that doesn’t endanger marine life or pollute the environment. 

Yourstraw co-founders Robyn and Liza are from coastal communities in Australia (Fremantle and Byron Bay, respectively) that have embraced, and indeed are at the forefront of, the movement towards conscious consumerism and sustainable living Australia-wide.  While almost everyone is familiar with THAT turtle video from 2015.  Fewer people will know that early in 2017 a whale died with 30 plastic bags in its stomach or that by 2050 there is predicted to be more plastic in the sea than there are fish.  Our commitment to sustainability is central to our business model and operations.  Our bamboo straws are hand-crafted, zero emissions, all natural.  Free from chemical fertilizers, pesticides, bleaches, detergents or sanitizers.  Bamboo straws are the ONLY compostable reusable straw on the market.  In fact, bamboo produces 35% more oxygen than trees and actually helps to repair the environment.  As part of our commitment to promoting environmental awareness and gender equality we direct 50% of profits to schools and community environmental programs as well as providing interest free micro loans for women entrepreneurs.

Ditch the plastic straw and buck the trend by carrying your bamboo straws with you.  Use them as a talking point to encourage others to make positive changes in their everyday choices. 

Reusable   ͠   Renewable Resource   ͠   Dishwasher Safe  ͠   Naturally Antibacterial   ͠   Aesthetically Beautiful  


Unlike the production processes of other reusable straws (metal straws, glass straws and paper straws) ours are 100% handmade in Bali, organic and dishwasher-safe.  When they’re outlived their use, return them to the Earth.

     bamboo stalks Our inspiration comes from Nature.  Nothing beats Nature’s smarts.  And bamboo is indeed one of Nature's most versatile plants.  Bamboo, one of the fastest-growing and most sustainable plant materials on this beautiful Earth is also naturally antibacterial.