The Last Straw – Yourstraw

The Last Straw

We should have been eating grilled fish dinner the day my husband pulled a chip packet, plastic spoon and a plastic straw from the fish's stomach...  Needless to say that spoiled our appetite.  On that day I vowed to make a change.  It was the last straw!  (pun clearly intended).    

fish dinner looking fresh the scary truth - fish eat plastic the last straw - plastic spoon, chip packet and mangled plastic straw

Bamboo is a sustainable, natural alternative that doesn't endanger our marine life or pollute our beautiful blue planet.

We've been sucking on bamboo straws every since.  In May 2016 Yourstraw was born.  It is time to create a new normal.  Single-use plastics must go.  Our bamboo straws are the ONLY compostable reusable straws on the market.  

Next time you eat out, make your voice count and ask for "no straw thanks".